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A beautiful front yard is the calling card of your house. With our ideas, your front garden will also become the inviting flagship of your home, where visitors like to pause for a Moment. The front garden provides the first impression-of the house and its owners. It should therefore also be designed to match the style of your home. By matching greenery with colourful flowers, plants, shrubs or small trees, it offers a taste of the actual garden. In addition to the design elements, functional aspects should also be taken into account. Parking spaces for garbage cans or bicycles can be skilfully hidden with privacy elements. We have collected many tips and suggestions for a design of your front garden.

Front gardens can be designed in a variety of ways, for example with stones and gravel. This variant is particularly modern and easy to care for and can be realized differently.

With a half-high wall of natural stones and in combination with a lush planting, your front garden makes a very natural and almost rural impression. Dry-loving plants that grow even in nutrient-poor environments are ideal for planting the wall. Ground cover plants such as cushion Phlox (phlox subulata), cushion soapwort (Saponaria ocymoides) or cushion carnations (Dianthus cultivaris) provide a beautiful surface covering.

You have a little less maintenance effort with a gravel bed. A special fleece from the hardware store under the gravel stones prevents the growth of weeds. A gravel bed fits perfectly to modern and minimally designed residential buildings. A combination of white pebbles and granite blocks, which are integrated to limit the bed, looks particularly noble. The rather cool colour scheme is best supported by evergreen trees and lush green ornamental grasses. So that the front garden still looks inviting, you can consciously choose colorful contrasts when decorating.

If you prefer modern neat and minimalist, a design with large stone floor plates is recommended. So you save yourself the gardening and have a very low maintenance effort. You should make sure that this also fits the style of your home. To loosen up the design, you can create color accents with potted plants or a garden bench in front of your house entrance. This front garden is ideal if you have little time for gardening and housework available, because your house always makes a neat and tidy impression. The potted plants, you can exchange depending on the season and mood.

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