Erstaunliche Low-Budget bauen Sie Ihre eigene Feuerstelle Hinterhof nur auf da

Erstaunliche Low-Budget bauen Sie Ihre eigene Feuerstelle Hinterhof nur auf da, #auf #bauen #eigene #Erstaunliche #Feuerstelle

Whether large garden with Pool or small place in the countryside – with our design ideas you can create a feel-good place from any size. With stone and gravel you can get creative and create functional as well as decorative elements. With a Pool in the garden, you can get a long-lasting holiday feeling in your own four walls. Even from a small plot you conjure up a flourishing retreat with the right ideas. Depending on the architectural style of your home and individual taste, you can create your dream garden – whether modern and minimalist, Mediterranean or completely natural. Let yourself be inspired by our design ideas and get creative when planning.

How is a garden properly planned?
So that you can realize your dream garden, we have put together useful tips for a successful redesign or redesign of the garden. First, you should consider which functions are most important to you in the new garden and who uses the garden (adults, children) and which garden style you can best imagine.

Be inspired: Inspiration for beautiful gardens can be found everywhere. In books, gardening magazines, gardens of friends or in public parks and garden shows.
Location plan: First, you should take a detailed plot plan for the Hand. You can enlarge it with the copier if necessary.
You have to draw your desired garden: just Place a transparent sketch paper on your plot plan and a sketch in simple geometric forms of their first design ideas, for example, lawn areas, Seating and lounging areas, a patio, or flowerbeds. Software for garden planning facilitates the realization of your desired garden and can now also be easily used at home.
Decide for a garden type: an ornamental garden is characterized by its accurately laid out beds and green areas, often you can also find fountains or ponds here. In a kitchen garden, however, natural Meadows with fruit trees, vegetable and herb beds dominate. The most easy to maintain is the natural garden, it is in harmony with nature and harmonizes in its natural design with its surroundings. Here you will find both useful and ornamental plants. You can also design your garden in a certain concept, such as in the style of a Japanese Garden.
Check the development plan & construction guidelines: before you get to work and build a terrace or garden house in your garden, you should take the development plan for your property at hand, because you may need a building permit for your project. You get inspection at the responsible building office.
Implement: set priorities in the implementation of your garden design, because everything cannot be implemented simultaneously for Time reasons. For certain areas of the garden it is also worth hiring a professional. For many smaller works, however, you can also lend a hand yourself, with some craftsmanship, flower and herb beds or small dry stone walls can simply be put into action yourself.

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