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Since most front gardens are oriented to the north, they are usually very shady and low in light. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to shade-compatible plants when designing. Suitable are evergreen (Vinca), various Ferns, lady’s mantle (Alchemilla), Ruprecht’s herb (geranium robertianum), ferruginous (Aconitum), magnificent trellis (astilbe) and leadwort (plumbago auriculata).

Before you choose the right plants for your front garden, you should consider in which direction your front garden is located. We have tips for shady, semi-shady and Sunny gardens.

If the front garden is on the south side, it receives at least a few hours of sun a day. Typical plants for a semi-shaded front garden are, for example, Star umbels (Astrantia), Stork beak (Geranium), autumn anemones (anemone hupehensis), Gedenkemein (Omphalodes verna), Bergenie or the popular Rhododendron.

If you have a sunny front garden, then this looks particularly inviting with a sprawling planting. Suitable for all kinds of perennials such as purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), blue diamond (Perovskia abrotanoides), cushion Phlox (Phlox subulata) or steppe candles (Eremurus). Pretty dashes of color prepare your visitors with different types of peonies (Paenoia) with spherical ornamental garlic (Allium cristophii) and glowing tulips. Also ornamental grasses, such as the bearskin grass (Festuca scoparia) are maple beautiful variants, or small trees, such as the ball.

For an extraordinary design of the Front garden we have a view into the distance and find Inspiration in the romantic Cottage gardens in England or the Mediterranean gardens of Italy.

A garden in the English style looks very idyllic and romantic, because it impresses with its non-perfect appearance. Framed with a wooden fence painted in green or white, you can shield yourself from prying eyes of the neighbors. A sweeping and lush vegetation is an English-style garden and The flower beds in the front yard may almost overflowing with different flowers and colors. Here you do not have to adhere to a color concept, but can combine any plant species with each other. Taking inspiration from the English Cottage gardens, we find a colourful sea of flowers consisting of poppies (Papver rhoeas), cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus), lilies (Lilium), lilacs (Syringa), begonias (Begonia), Jasmine (Jasminum), daisies (Leucanthemum), peonies (Paeonia) and begonias (Begonia). Add the finishing touch to your new front yard with a small cast iron garden bench that exudes a touch of nostalgia. On the house itself you can still attach a flower tendril and let it overgrown with climbing roses.

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