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A Decorative Rose Arch
Do you want to visually separate two areas of your garden? With a rose arch, overgrown with magnificent climbing roses, this succeeds in a very tasteful way. Rose bows are available in a variety of materials, with steel in dark colours having a particularly delicate effect. When buying a rose arch, you should first measure the available space in your garden and then consult a garden center or hardware store. Rose bows made of steel are available for 20 euros upwards in all price variants.

Herb spiral made of stone
You always wanted to enjoy fresh herbs from your own garden, but unfortunately do not have enough space for a herb bed? A herbal spiral with natural stones also fits in a smaller garden and is also a real eye-catcher. The principle of an herbal spiral is basically quite simple: a spiral-shaped wall is built with natural stones. The interstices are filled with gravel and Sandy garden soil is distributed on top. The different levels of the spiral are planted with various types of herbs. Mediterranean herbs should best be planted in the upper Zone, because this is usually in the sun. If possible, fill them with dry substrate so that the Mediterranean herbs feel comfortable. The Lower Zone, on the other hand, should be rather nutritious and moist. Here, the typical kitchen herbs such as chives and parsley thrive best.

Modern Cacti-Landscape
Unfortunately, you do not have enough time for elaborate gardening? For a modern and easy-care design, different cacti and succulents are suitable for a gravel bed. They spread exotic Flair and Bloom brightly in summer. Popular species are agaves, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Opuntia or Sempervivum.

Fireplace in the garden
Sitting around the campfire with friends and family and spending cosy summer evenings sounds like a holiday. But you can also set up a small fireplace in your garden. Special fire baskets are also suitable for small gardens. You can even build it yourself from an old washing machine drum. In the garden center or hardware store you will find fire baskets starting at 30 euros.

From old to new
In the sense of sustainability, you can make beautiful decorations for your garden from objects that are no longer used. Let your creativity run wild and plant old zinc tubs or an old wheelbarrow with colorful flowers. You can also convert old car tyres, fill them with potting soil and plant them. So, they create unique accessories for your garden.

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