13 neueste und elegante Ideen für Pool-Zäune aus Schmiedeeisen – Wohngestaltung

13 neueste und elegante Ideen für Pool-Zäune aus Schmiedeeisen – Wohngestaltung, #elegante #ideen #neueste #schmiedeeisen

Nothing beats having your own pretty garden where you can relax, welcome guests and enjoy nature. Would you like to finally turn your garden into an oasis of well-being and are still looking for Inspiration? Here you will find modern design ideas at a glance. With pictures, helpful tips and video tutorials you can design your garden according to your style. With our creative suggestions, we have something to offer for all tastes: we show you great tips for designing with stones and gravel and give you suitable tips for small gardens as well as gardens with a hillside location. Would you like to take a piece of holiday home, then read our Inspiration for a Pool in your own garden.

Modern garden design with gravel garden
The gravel garden scores with its low maintenance effort, because once it is properly laid out, you can largely save on watering. The location for your gravel garden should be as dry and sunny as possible, so that the appropriate ornamental grasses, semi-shrubs and perennials also feel comfortable. The most beautiful plant species for a natural gravel garden are:

Perennials: perennials are perennial plants and play the main role in a gravel garden, because they bring bright color accents. To match the colourful coneflower (Echinacea), Patagonian verbena (Verbena bonarienis) or noble Thistle (Eryngium). Fat Hen species are also excellent.
Ornamental grasses: The Delicate feather grass (Stipa tennuissima) weighs particularly beautiful in the Wind, but also blue switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), or gold beard degree (Sorghastrum nutans) have beautiful leaves. Fine accents you set with blue fescue (Festuca glauca), or Blue beard-grass (Andropogon scoparius).
Herbs: Herbs also feel good in the dry gravel garden. Mediterranean Flair is created by sage, lavender, purple flowering thyme or rosemary.

Tip for a weed-free gravel garden: if you want to combine gravel and plants, then it is recommended to use a weed fleece-this prevents weeds from spreading in your gravel garden. The fleece is placed on the desired surface and cut crosswise in the places to be planted with a knife. Finally, the gravel is laid out.

Evergreen Perennials
Evergreen perennials retain their foliage throughout the year and do not die off in Winter.

Winter Green Perennials
Wintergreen perennials retain their foliage over the Winter. This is cut in the spring so that new shoots can grow.

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